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Serious times demand a SERIOUS MAN, not a "Good ol' boy!!!"


Meet Gregory Cheadle, PhD (student), JD, MPA


Strong enough to be what a Republican used to be and what a Democrat ought to be!

Courageous enough to be a maverick independent THINKER who speaks with sound FACTS not sound bites!

Gregory Cheadle, PhD (student), JD, MPA, is the man for Congress because he abhors economic and social injustice! He is free from large corporate and special interests ties, and political party control. He has compassion for the disabled, concern for Veterans, is protective of seniors, and dismisses political correctness. He is unashamedly a fighting candidate of THE PEOPLE, by THE PEOPLE, for THE PEOPLE!


CHEADLE is not a puppet of the filthy rich!

CHEADLE is not owned by corporations!

CHEADLE is not part of the old guard, good ol' boy, statist Republican or Democrat Party!

THINK CHEADLE for Congress!!!




Cheadle was not born "privileged" nor with the proverbial "silver spoon" in his mouth, but was born and raised in the innercity. As a consequence, he knows what it is like to struggle and pull yourself up by the bootstraps when the bootstraps have been cut. Having lived through the era of segregation, Mr. Cheadle abhors injustice in all forms, is an advocate for education and equal opportunity. His main areas of concern are health, health care, economic and social justice,and reducing the tax burden on citizens.

Mr. Cheadle's undergrad degree is in psychology (physiological) and pre-med. He has a Masters degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Healthcare administration. He also has a Doctor of Jurisprudence (law) degree. Currently, Mr. Cheadle is pursuing a PhD in Social Welfare and Research centering on Black men and prostate cancer. In addition, Mr. Cheadle is a real estate broker, luxury playhouse builder, author, lecturer, and has a teaching credential.

Always one to give back to the community Mr. Cheadle has spent 18 years volunteering in the ER, and one year in the Office of the Public Defender.

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