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Illegal immigration

Illegal immigration is an insult to Black Americans. Many illegals and those allegedly seeking asylum come here to escape poverty and violence. Many of our urban areas where Blacks reside are rife with poverty and violence, yet the government, many do-gooders, and the Catholic Church (one of the main private entities that help illegals when they come across the border) show no concern about alleviating violence and poverty in the Black community. This country's economic backbone was built by the blood sweat and tears of Black slaves, yet every group that comes to the United States is purposely placed above Blacks, the implied purpose of which is to keep Blacks as the lowest socio-economic group. Every group enjoys the result of the financial legacy of slavery in this country except the very descendants of the slaves who built it.

Our immigration system is a joke to the world and has been abused beyond measure. As an anchor baby the child is granted all of the rights of a citizen of the United States. However, this is actually unconstitutional in that there is a reliance on the 14th amendment, section 1, which states in part, " All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside." The 13th, 14th, 15th Amendmens were passed in an attempt to redress the wrongs dealt to Blacks because of slavery and subsequent injustices. The Supreme Court in its numerous rulings on the 14th Amendment has done violence to the spirit and the letter of the 14th Amendment in order to negate the true purpose and its intended effect. At no point was the 14th Amendment to serve the purpose of allowing children born of illegal aliens carte blanche citizenship of the United States.


1. Enforce existing laws
2. Withdraw federal funds from sanctuary cities
3. Verify all welfare recipient are U.S.
4. Penalize fraudulent use of social security numbers and birth certificates used to acquire federal benefits
5. End the issuance of Taxpayer ID Numbers to illegal aliens
6. Terminate welfare – housing assistance, WIC, etc., for illegal aliens
7. Terminate welfare – housing assistance, WIC, etc., for illegal aliens
8. The Supreme Court must rule “anchor babies” are not U.S.citizens given that the 15th Amendment was meant to redress slavery, not illegal immigration.


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