Economic and Social Injustice...

Now is the time to end these injustices and make amends!

When a nation historically, and purposefully benefits one group at the expense of another, it is the role of government to redress the plight of the oppressed group. Without redress, the cost to society by refusing to redress this group will far exceed the cost of redress.-. – Gregory Cheadle


Police Shootings

Police Shootings are an all too common in the United States and Blacks are killed disproportionately as a result. Many of these shootings are based on encounters, the pretexts of which are trivial legally, that escalate to a killing because the person was "resisting arrest" or failing to obey humiliating police commands by cocky officers. Ultimately, the real issue is that police and other law enforcement personnel prey on Black people, rich or poor, it does not matter. Just as there is a universal Miranda warning, there needs to be universal police commands. It makes no sense to force a person on the ground and have them to spread their legs for a non-violent crime when they pose no threat to an officer, nor does the placement of handcuffs find justification in these circumstances.

Law enforcement personnel, like doctors and nurses and other professionls, should have personal liability insurance that they pay for and not the state or employing agency. This will allow for law enforcement personnel who have complaints against them to leave the agency due to the unafforadibility of the insurance premiums due to their malpractice.It is time that the burden of settlemants for police brutality and misconduct fall of the officer and not on the taxpayer.

Police Shooting


Black Unemployment

When Donald Trump was President of the United States, it was his boast that during his presidency Black unemployment was at the lowest point in history. This statement was a bit deceiving for several reasons, the least of which was unemployment recording did not include the approximately 500,000 Blacks who were in state or federal prison. What is really telling about the Black unemployment rate is that Blacks have the lowest paying jobs and have an unemployment rate that is double that of Whites. If the situation was reversed such that Whites had an unemployment rate twice that of Blacks, there would be no shortage of government funds and programs to speedily ameliorate their unemployment numbers. However, tragically, the United States turns a deaf ear and a blind eye to the high unemployment of Blacks and could care less about expending funds or implementing programs to lower their unemployment rate.

This defacto policy of benign neglect is not without costs. The high unemployment rate coupled with the chronic under employemnt that Blacks experience leads to a large number of Blacks relying on government assitance for survival. Moreover, it leaves many Blacks susceptible to criminal activity, drug use, and mental illness, all of which are an likely an unnecessary drain on society had employment been higher and available. However, society profits from Blacks being unemployed. Numerous jobs would disappear in Blacks were viably employed. The jobs in the criminal injustice system, prisons, the courts, couselors, etc., would disappera. Hence, there is little incetive to change the status quo. However, it is past time for society to quit priting off of the misery of Blacks.

Black Unemployment


Black Home Ownership

Of the major race groups in the United States, Blacks have the lowest home ownership rate and the lowest home values. Part of the problem with the home values is the lower appraisal values of homes owned by Blacks. This has been well documented resulting in billions of dollars of value that is not attributed to the Black economy. Blacks are denied home loans or are charged higher interest rates than Whites who have the same or similar credit profile.

The federal government continues to widen the wealth gap between Blacks and Whites with its Section 8 housing program. Under this program, the government pays the bulk of a client's rent to the homeowner, who in the overwhelming number of cases is a White homeowner. Over time the property will increase in value while the tenant remains in the same economic state. This program should be revamped in such a way that the tenant will have an ownership share that will allow them to eventually use it for a down payment to purchase a property rather than being perpetual renters.

Black homeowners and potential homeowners have become the victims of gentrification, which then makes what would have been affordable housing unaffordable due to Whites and others moving into Black neighborhoods and thereby rasing the home values. This has the effect of pricing Blacks out of their own neihghborhoods.

Another issue of concern are corporatios that own thousands and even tens of thousands of properties and therefore have a great influence on property values and rental rates. There should be a cap on the number of housing units in an area owned by an entity or its subsidiary. Along with the cap there should be a punitive tax based on thenumber of housing units owned. Private property rights end for an entity when they impact the right and ability of others to secure affordable housing.



Black Owned Businesses

Black owned businesses are a key way to increase employment of Blacks. Every race hires its own prior to hiring one who is not of their own group. Hence, an increase in Black businesses will enhance Black employment by hiring Blacks and hopefully having a presence in Black neighnorhoods to bring stability and pride of neighborhood. Tragically, there has been a staggering decrease in the number and amount of loans to Blacks by the SBA. The number of SBA 7(a) loans to African American businesses decreased 35% in 2020, the biggest decrease of any race or ethnic group tracked by the federal agency.

An increase in Black businesses will also ensure the health not only of the community, but of those employed by these businesses because they will offer healthcare insurance to their employees. This will work to decrease the drain on the healthcare system by decreasing major complications that result from not accessing healthcare until a crisis arises.

Black Business


Black Health Disparity

Medical disturst is prevalent among Blacks, with good reason. The syphilis experiments performed on Blacks at Tuskeegee University by the government serves as the basis for such distrut. However, more recently, 1500 Black and Hispanic children in Los Angeles were unwitting subjects in another governmet experiment that occured in the late 1980's. This time the experiment involved a potent vaccine. The children were given the vaccine without the informed consent of their parents. Upon discovery apologies were offered. However, in such cases apologies are not worth the air that is used to utter them. Criminal charges should be brought against those involved and the agency responsible for the experiment should be held liable for any and all adverse effects resulting from the experimnent as well as pay heavy fines.

Blacks are the unhealhiest minority group with resect to disease rates. Tragically, Blacks also have the worst outcomes when it comes to chronic disease. The disease state that is plaguing Blacks more than any other group is diabesity, a combination of diabetes in concert with obesity.

More Black doctors and health educators are needed to take care of and educate the Black population. Given the prejudice and discrimination that Blacks expeirence at the hands of non-Black healthcare personnel and non-Black medical settings, the presence of more Black doctors and health educators will serve to ameliorate the health disparity Blacks experience.

Black Health